Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler may not be a household name outside of hip hop head circles, but his one-in-a-million delivery is instantly recognizable.  If Digable Planets helped usher hip hop into the jazz clubs and the coffee shops, Shabazz Palaces have pushed it through the doors of psych wards and insane asylums.

His once playful psychedelic approach to sampling and rhyming in the 90s has evolved into an eery, paranormal vibe.  Where as Digable Planets would sample something from Thelonius Monk’s deep cuts, I can see Shabazz comfortably sampling something as bizarre as ‘Revolution 9’ and making it danceable and , depending on who you’re spending your evening with, smokeable.

Hip hop at its core is a boundary pusher.  Shabazz Palaces proved that they still understand that element.  While a $24 price tag may scare a few skinflints, the tracklist is 18 deep with a bonus 7”.  Thazza deal.


The Details

All customers who pre-order the LP version of Lese Majesty will receive the limited, “Loser Edition” of the album on purple-colored vinyl. In addition, customers who pre-order will also receive the following, while supplies last:

-A bonus 7-inch featuring the unreleased track ”The Palace Slide” on the the a-side, and an instrumental version on the b-side.*
-An instant download of the first single, “They Come in Gold”.
-Advance access to stream Lese Majesty in full, 1 month before street date, from your account.

*Bonus 7-inch is limited to LP and CD pre-orders, and only available while supplies last.

Price $24

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