RIYL: QBERT, Rock Steady Crew, Turntableism, DJ Shadow, A-TRAK

Label: Thud Rumble

All of these QBERT reissues today, is it making you itch? Then this is the one for you. Super Seal II is back in print, for now.
I don’t know if this one is more rare or not, but I haven’t seen this one used out in the wild before like the others. Maybe that’s just life where I live.

If you do buy this and start scratchin’ and mixin’ on your own then PLEASE post videos in the comments. I’d love that!

Throughout the day I’m going to be posting a few QBERT reissues. Definitely check them out if turntableism is your thing.

The Details

A SEQUEL TO THE GREATEST SKIPLESS SCRATCH ALBUM OF ALL TIME. If you don't have a beat up copy of Super Seal within arm's reach of your tables, and call yourself a turntablist, sorry but you're kinda FRONTING. Every scratch DJ has at least one, if not two or more. Number two brings you all your favorite scratch essentials in the same skipless formula: "aahs", "freshes", "making me itch," and tons of new lines for endless sessions. Also includes a long play beat (at least 3/4 of one side) of a jazzy funk loop perfect for smooth or double time scratch sessions. 2017 orange vinyl repress. Limited!

limited edition
orange colored vinyl pressing
music label: Thud Rumble 2017

Price $15.95

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