RIYL: QBERT, Rock Steady Crew, Turntableism, DJ Shadow, A-TRAK

Label: Dirt Style

My favorite thing about this particular QBERT reissue is that it’s on glow in the dark “for nocturnal sessions.”
Throughout the day I’m going to be posting a few QBERT reissues. Definitely check them out if turntableism is your thing.

The Details

JUST AS CLASSIC AS FEET BREAKS. Lots of memorable moments here. The "my uzi weighs a ton" beat never fails to make the heads nod. Fundamental skratch phrases (uh-uh-break-ahh-there-it-is). Gotta have the wheels before you get the girl. I don't really like doing reviews of classic records like this. Like Jeru said: talk is cheap, you're outlined in 50 cent hot dogs. Limited edition glow in the dark vinyl pressing for nocturnal sessions.

glow in the dark vinyl
limited edition
music label: Dirt Style Records 2017

Price $17.95

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