BOO! Did I scare you? Probably not. I’m not a very scary guy, but you know what is?


Listen up all you Experimental Hip Hop lovers, Next of Kin has released his debut album and boy is it creepy (in a good way). The album sounds like classic Hip Hop beats rising from the dead and murdering your ears.

If your a fan of instrumental Hip Hop and don’t know Next of Kin, you should give them a good listen (in the dark). Next of Kin is one half of All Earz (together with FreakOnce). Remember All Earz? They put out that dope science fiction release last fall, Love-Starved Moon Men on the Prowl. (Side Note: They repressed that on Blue/Yellow/Red Splatter Vinyl limited to only 150 – Grab it Here.)

Anyway, Next of Kin hails from Copenhagen Denmark and has produced Hip Hop for various Danish acts since 1995. He has a love of hip hop that stems mostly from the golden era, which shines through on Horrorphonic. The album was composed from the darkness deep within a MPC 2000 XL and spliced with a lot of scratches and live instruments. Basically Next of Kin has created a big scary monster and boy is it fun to listen to.

The Details

The debut album - Horrorphonic - from - Next of Kin.
Horrorcore instrumental hiphop from Copenhagen Denmark.
Raw, spooky beats spiced with a lot of scratches.
Solely limited to 250 copies in red/bloodred vinyl with a hint of snotgreen.

Only 100 copies will be sold online. The rest will be sold at live shows + few selected physical stores.
These are limited to a maximum of 4 copies per customer. Orders with 5 or more will be canceled.
This item will be shipped March the 17th 2014.

Price $22

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