RIYL: Vast Aire, Deca, Fast4ward, CRL CRRLL, Mark Clifford

Let’s face it.  Flowers wilt and chocolate leads to tooth decay.  If you care about your lover in the slightest, you’ll give them the gift that keeps on giving…vinyl.

The Denver-based Neon Brown is a well-known producer in the hip hop community, and he’s teamed up with MC FL for a new and exciting project known as Mister Freedom.  What immediately caught my interest here was seeing the long list of great hip hop artist collaborators on the album, particularly the inimitable Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox fame.  Similar to Ox, the layers on first single Mister Freedom get eery and cavernous, swerving along a hot and sweaty bass line.  CRL CRRLL is the last ingredient, adding a pitch-shifting vocal accompaniment that takes it even further into the ‘pleasantly weird’ vibe.

Limited to 500 and sure to be a solid track-for-track listen, it’s time to add one more to that hip hop area of your vinyl shelf.  Good news for you Tape Heads too, as there are 100 cassettes also available.  Happy VD, kids.

The Details

The Mister Freedom album is a collaboration between producer Neon Brown and MC FL. Mister Freedom is a moniker of Neon Brown's, with which he will create upcoming albums with creative artists.

The first self titled Mister Freedom album has been pressed on wax through the good folks at Pirates Press and brought to you by Holy Whoa.

There are only 500 copies making this a limited edition, as well a rare gem. Pick one or two copies up today!

Price $20

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