In celebration of it’s 3-Year-Anniversary, President Gator Records is releasing a split 10″ record from two Arizona-based bands that take heavy influence from video game music and culture!

Minibosses are an experimental band that gets their kicks from playing rock-infused covers of classic Nintendo game soundtracks, such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and of course Mega Man!

Random aka Mega Ran is self-described as hip-hop nerdcore. Chiptune beats accompanied by catchy lyrics are a sure winner here!
Mega Ran can also boast the distinction of being the only rapper to be licensed by CAPCOM (Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil)

– Limited to 500 copies
250 copies on  “Mega Man” Blue vinyl
250 copies on White vinyl



The Details

$11.99 - On Sale

*Exclusive 250 Limited Edition Single
*180 Gram "Mega Man" Blue & White Virgin Vinyl

Release by President Gator

1. Megaman II

Mega Ran
1. Splash Woman
2. Ground(man) Part 2

Price $12

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