In celebration of it’s 3-Year-Anniversary, President Gator Records is releasing a split 10″ record from two Arizona-based¬†bands that take heavy influence from video game music and culture!

Minibosses are an experimental band that gets their kicks from playing rock-infused covers of classic Nintendo game soundtracks, such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and of course Mega Man!

Random aka Mega Ran is self-described as hip-hop nerdcore. Chiptune beats accompanied by catchy lyrics are a sure winner here!
Mega Ran can also boast the distinction of being the only rapper to be licensed by CAPCOM (Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil)

РLimited to 500 copies
250 copies on¬†¬†“Mega Man” Blue vinyl
250 copies on White vinyl



The Details

$11.99 - On Sale

*Exclusive 250 Limited Edition Single
*180 Gram "Mega Man" Blue & White Virgin Vinyl

Release by President Gator

1. Megaman II

Mega Ran
1. Splash Woman
2. Ground(man) Part 2

Price $12

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