Milo’s been gaining steam lately. He’s in an underground rap supergroup called Hellfyre Club, does his own thing, and hey, he got featured on Botany’s Dimming Awe, The Light Is Raw (which I gave a plug yesterday – there’s only 100 of those available too) – things are looking up for Rory Ferreira. so the flies don’t come has got a run of 300 pink on pink on pink cassette tapes and there’s roughly 100 left at press time. Anthony Fantano, otherwise known as The Needle Drop, has been championing him and Milo is often mentioned in the same breath as Busdriver and Open Mike Eagle who are also Hellfyre Club members. Milo’s lone track available, “Zen Scientist,” is a dreamy, lofty, existential soundscape which creeps along its own plane of existence. Milo’s lyricism isn’t mindless, so you’re going to have to pay attention and maybe pull out a dictionary and have Google on hand while you’re at. Listen to “Zen Scientist” below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it.

The Details

"so the flies don't come"
by milo
produced by Kenny Segal

"Spring returns; it returns and will go away. And God
curved in time repeats himself, and passes, passes
with the backbone of the universe on his shoulder.

When my temples beat their mournful drum,
when that sleep etched on a knife hurts me,
there are desires not to move an inch from this poem!"
- César Vallejo. Weary Circles.
releases 25 September 2015

mixed/mastered by Daddy Kev at Cosmic Zoo Studios
artwork by Alex Jackson (
all glory due to ruby yacht

Thanks to Pat for the tip!

Price $12

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