Sam Valenti IV’s Ghostly seems to always drop all the bombs in the first half of the year, then they go quiet. I haven’t gotten to mention them in a while so I went digging. Excavating through Ghostly‘s catalog, I’ve found some overlooked limited pieces of vinyl that a) shockingly have yet to be sold out and b) are quite affordable. Moving Mountains is Michna’s first release since Magic Monday (aside from the Eggstra EP, which also uses alliteration) I wonder if Michna will keep up with the alliterating M titles… Anyway, on Moving Mountains, Michna takes an icier approach to his production rather than the urbanized hip-hop you heard on Magic Monday. When listening to Moving Mountains, it feels like Michna has stopped to take in the nature around him rather than rush through the endless urban sprawl; “The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale,” the end track, accentuates this point. I wonder if Michna will continue to go in this direction… Check out the Moving Mountains stream via Spotify below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Vinyl Notes:
10" standard weight black vinyl
Limited to 300 units
Exclusively available at The Ghostly Store
Vinyl is protected in a white paper dust sleeve which is then inserted into a white jacket with an embossed Ghostly logo and a Moving Mountains sticker
The Moving Mountains EP is the first new material the world has heard from New York producer Michna in nearly four years, since the release of his highly-acclaimed debut albumMagic Monday in 2008. It's been quite a while between releases, but Michna's been anything but idle during this period – he's done everything from painting to production for the NBA to remixes for DM Stith, Joy Orbison and Kelis. And all the while, he's been working on new material, taking his time to record a follow-up to Magic Monday that represents another great leap forward in terms of both songwriting and production.

Moving Mountains demonstrates the result of this endeavor, and the four tracks here provide a neat summation of Michna's versatility, covering more musical ground in 20 minutes than most artists do in an entire album. Opening track "Titanium Glaciers" is as sleek and futuristic as its name might suggest, while the "Wanted Exotic" provides quite the contrast, its house-influenced sounds giving the clearest nods to Michna's "other" career as a club DJ in NYC. "Through the City on the Edge" finds a happy medium between these two extremes, bobbing along on a driving bassline and sounding for all the world like it would indeed do a fine job of soundtracking a ride through a city in some distant unknowable future. And the EP's closing track—the intriguingly titled "The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale"—is a stately piano-led instrumental that fades slowly into an extended outro of birdcalls and atmospheric echoes.

Price $10

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