This one is quite the treasure chest (not to be punny with the color-way in mind). Makaya McCraven’s original In The Moment is Tortoise gone hip-hop for lack of a better descriptor – Jeff Parker is even among his ensemble. There’s a mix of post-rock, freeform jazz and dub but the most important part is – how did this fly under my radar until now? This remix album adds more hip-hop flavor in to the varied brew. This feels like a cousin to Botany, or any Leaving Records/Brainfeeder/Ghostly International artist. Again, I’m going to invoke the [adult swim] aesthetic description here. It bubbles, stutters, wobbles and shifts around like some unknown creature in the cover of night. Pepin’s remix of “Untitled” exemplifies this entire album.  Get on this – do not sleep, readers. In The Moment‘s first vinyl pressing sold out – first being the operative word. This tape, no doubt, will sell out. For $8, you get your money’s worth in music. Listen to the Bandcamp stream below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

The In the Moment Remix Tape reworks the already-chopped, altered, and looped spontaneous compositions of Makaya McCraven's 2xLP In the Moment. Crossing the boundaries of improvisation, composition and sampling, nine producer/beat makers from around the globe reworked the tracks into new beats and creations of repurposed audio. Makaya then remixed their remixes into two continuous mixtape sides, blending them with beats of his own, resampling the samplers of his original sliced and sampled spontaneous compositions.
releases 22 September 2015

Produced by Makaya McCraven
Mastered by David Allen
Curated by Scott McNiece and Alejandro Ayala
Cover Art by Jordan Martins
Design by Craig Hansen

Price $8

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