Lilacs & Champagne’s Emil Amos and Alex Hall have provided their screwy take on 70s background music. Think back to when you were a wee tike (or maybe not so long ago), watching B movies when they were on in those early/graveyard hours of television because there was nothing else on and you were just intrigued by how bad they were; you can also think about any episode of MST3K you happened to watch. One of the songs on this EP, “Cinemaxxx,” even has the cheesy synth intro you’d hear along with the production company logos. Mexican Summer‘s synopsis of the EP is spot on, where they draw comparisons to acts such as The Soft Machine and Moondog. If you want some 70s infused trip-hop, you came to the right place. Check out Midnight Features Vol. 1 below via Spotify and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Midnight Features is a new series of “fantasy records” imagined by Lilacs & Champagne’s Emil Amos and Alex Hall. Inspired by the classic Marvel comic series What If?, the duo seek to place themselves into various musical eras, expanding and perverting each new stylistic context they land in. This first volume, Shower Scene, was inspired by the background music from 1970s TV shows – the frenetic solos, sleazy funk lines and jazz-influenced sounds that subtly lurk behind the tales of crime, drama and passion. The band scratch beneath the soft-focus surface of this era, discovering a darker, more realized territory.

Shower Scene is also the first release to feature Lilacs & Champagne playing as a live band. The expanded line-up (Zac Reno-bass/sampler & Ash Black Bufflo-keys/piano) blends live instrumentation with sample-based songs, breathing a fresh new sensibility into their sound. However the clever stylistic hybridity that marked their earlier releases remains intact, with new sonic palettes explored and experimented with on every track. On “Sensations” the band sound like a blazing, psych-jazz imagination of The Soft Machine, whereas “Maple Street” approximates the avant-jazz Moondog might have made if he’d lived into the era of sampling.

Lilacs & Champagne’s expanded live band will be touring Europe with Grails to promote Midnight Features from March 5 to March 22.

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