RIYL: Blockhead, Amon Tobin, RJD2

Label: Beamhole Interprize

If you’re a fan of Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Outer Space, then this super limited album is for you.

The Danish beat maker Komakino is partnering up with Beamhole Enterprize to press the best tracks from his first 3 EPs to only 100 vinyl records (50 only available for pre-sale). Komakino collaborates with a wide array of musicians on most of his compositions and ultimately he is the maestro of the final outcome mixing chill beats, samples, and the occasional far out reaches of space. The pressing compilation is called Ukurant and it’ll be a great part of any Hip-Hop/Electronic fan’s collection.

The Details

From Beamhole's site:
"History, humans, literature, art and movies are the essential influence that drives Komakino making music. The sound field between the fragmented and instrumental, a musical invitation to his world of thought, striving to hit a visual dimension."

From the artist Komakino:
"I am deeply inspired by the instrumental hip hop that I really was into in the late 90s. It was a time when I was thoroughly losing the love for traditional hip hop, which was going in a diluted direction."

"I'm not so much into my technical ability, and I master no instruments. I push the buttons, flip samples and play synths, but use blithely contributions of others to my music. Often it is the talent and craft, which I find in my talented peers, which has an insight into my world."

Ukurant is Komakinos debut full length album compiled from his first three EPs - Doomsday Tuesdays, Choke & The Limits Of Control.

LP Tracklist:
The Understatement
Wear My Soul On My Skin
There Will Be Blood
Pragmatic F
Keep Stumm
Crooked Spine
These Strange Times (New Track)

Ukurant is officially out May the 27th, limited to only 100 copies on black 12” vinyl and 50 copies up for pre-order - limited to only 1 per customer.

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Price $23

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