RIYL: Danny Brown, Injury Reserve, Death Grips

Label: PEGGY

For the better part of a decade, rapper, singer and producer Barrington Hendricks has been better known as JPEGMAFIA, an experimental brand of hip hop stacked with electronic glitch, menacing beats, and wickedly aggressive bars. Like MF DOOM, JPEGMAFIA’s lyrical style is both threatening and hilarious at the same time. His 2016 full-length Black Ben Carson is revered among his fan base and includes some quintessential JPEG tracks. Drake Era, in my opinion, is one of the most gangsta f-ing rap songs to come out in the last 10 years.

If you missed out on the tour edish vinyl from his tour with Vince Staples back in 2019 (remember shows?), good luck getting that for less than $300. Relax and breathe deep, for the vinyl gods have heard your cries. Black Ben Carson is now available again, this time in a huge 3-disc deluxe set. It’s gonna cost you $45, but you’re getting the full album and all the instrumentals. 38 tracks deep! Listen to the whole album below on Spotify and get weird, but don’t sleep on this. JPEG fans are vast and numerous and they’re hungry for a taste.

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This item is on pre-order and will ship on or around January 8, 2021


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Price $45

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