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Hobo Johnson, a very interesting combination of rap, punk, and spoken word poetry, is coming out with his second album The Fall of Hobo Johnson and I am excited to see his evolution. His first album The Rise of Hobo Johnson was a combination of silly and thought-provoking songs that showed off his range of lyrical prowess, mostly done within a song-speak rhythm. Soon after, he released one of my absolute favorite tracks of 2018 – “Peach Scone”. A song that took his writing skills, his interesting viewpoint, and combined it with some chorus backing and a tighter musical sound while telling a relatable story. Earlier this year, he dropped “Typical Story” (first track off of the new album) and it was like a revelation. He still has a command on language, but now combines it with some real rock-heavy background and a more melodic up and done in his singing style. Needless to say, I am EXCITED – if you are too, jump on the limited.

The Details

The light blue translucent vinyl LP is exclusive to the Official Hobo Johnson store. Frank picked it out himself, so you know it’ll be good. Limited to 1500 copies worldwide.

*Please note that, due to the vinyl production process, actual color may differ from the product image.

Track Listing:
13) Typical Story
14) Mover Awayer
15) Ugly Kid (feat. Elohim)
16) You & the Cockroach
17) Subaru Crosstrek XV
18) Moonlight
19) Happiness
20) All in My Head
21) Ode to Justin Bieber (feat. Jack Shoot & JMSEY)
22) February 15th
23) Sorry, My Dear
24) I Want a Dog

Price $19.98

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