RIYL: Blood Orange, Childish Gambino

Label: XL Recordings

Carrying on the spirit of Blonde’s original, long-anticipated-turned-surprise drop back in August, Frank Ocean decided to follow suit with its first official physical release. Frank fanatics have been waiting ever since his mom hinted at more tangible media to come after the initial release of the then-free magazine. In convoluted Blonde fashion, it looks like this “Promo Only” version will only be available to order for 24 hours this Black Friday.

XL and Frank—on his Tumblr—started posting about the release some time after midnight with a link to boysdontcry.co. The site, which previously had just a video, links to the digital album, and image posts, now has a 24 hour countdown-clock and a host of new Blonde merch. The 100% Off tee disappeared in a flash, but the double-LP, CD, Boys Don’t Cry magazine, air fresheners, and silkscreened posters are still available. No info right now on the quantities or if any of the other goodies will remain once the timer runs out, but XL seems pretty clear about the LP and CD only being online for one day.


**UPDATE (3:12 AM): Now able to add to cart again! Shipping date for it updated from December 5 to 19, so perhaps they did decide to increase production**

**UPDATE (2:54 AM): Wow, looks like pretty much as soon as I posted this, the vinyl is showing as “Sold Out” once added to cart 🙁 . Maybe keep trying during the day—always a chance it could go the way of Kendrick’s Untitled release and get a quantity increase if demand is high enough. I’ll keep an eye out and update if availability changes during the day**

The Details

Frank Ocean Blonde 2XLP

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Price $35

Frank Ocean - 'Nikes' from DoBeDo Productions on Vimeo.

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