RIYL: Unkle, Cut Chemist, the Chemical Brothers, Hudson Mohawke

Label: Island Records

I’m a bit of a sucker or a slickly produced well thought out box set.
For the 20th Anniversary of the landmark hip hop album, DJ Shadow and friends have pulled out all of the stops.

The 20th Anniversary Edition of Endtrospective comes with a seperate collection chock full of demos, alternate takes, live versions, and remixes from Hudson Mohawke, Salva, Teklife and more.

DJ Shadow is a real record digger’s DJ and this edition features extensive liner notes as well as a hard cover book of photos and junk.

While it is a bit pricey, it’s a really beautiful 180g package and domestic shipping is free.

The Details

DELUXE REISSUE OF DJ SHADOW'S ACCLAIMED DEBUT ALBUM. Endtroducing was originally released in 1996 and still sounds fresh nearly twenty years later. This 20th Anniversary Endtrospective Edition features the original album along with the 2005 alternate takes and demos release, Excessive Ephemera, and a new collection of remixes from the likes of Adrian Younge, Clams Casino, Daedelus, and Hudson Mohawke, amongst others. Here's what the Woodman had to say about this groundbreaking release way back when: You know that really impressionable period in your life where you don't really know anything about anything, and you meet a bunch of cool people and they introduce you to a bunch of bands, movies, concepts, etc that you take as gospel, and you're really excited because you look around and are like "this is the golden age of me! Everything is new and exciting!" During this fertile time for me (AKA "college"), I heard the Portishead, Let Us Play!, and Endtroducing albums for the first time and, collectively, they BLEW MY MIND. I admit, this was a corny time for me (snowboarder pants + eyebrow piercing = ugh), but if I hear these albums I'll still bliss out idiotically to them. Fortunately, they're all watersheds of mid/late 90s electronic music production, and have dated well. The full length that established DJ Shadow as "the Jimi Hendrix of the sampler" (what does that even mean) is still an eminently impressive production debut, almost 10 years later. Everyone knows it was made entirely out of samples, but at the core of this album, each track transcends beyond this limitation and becomes something truly new, making it a desert island pick. OK, enough fluffing already, here are the songs: "Building Steam With a Grain of Salt" has a crazy drum breakdown, "Number Song" is based off a Metallica sample, "Changeling" is in like 3/7 time, "Midnight In a Perfect World" is a genre-defining masterstroke, and "What Does Your Soul Look Like Pt 1" is the elegant capstone on the whole affair. If you were to ask me if this album is a must-own, I would stamp my fist into an open palm and screech "Yessssss!" Forty-two tracks in all. Released by Island Records on 180g vinyl 6LP housed in a box with full color sleeves, includes original album as well as demos, alternate takes, live versions, and exclusive remixes. Hardcover 48 page book features expanded liner notes and never before released photographs by B+ and Phil Knott.

180g six LP boxset
original album + demos, alternate takes, live versions, exclusive remixes
expanded liner notes
never before released photographs by B+ and Phil Knott
hardcover 48 page book
music label: Island Records 2016

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