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Ok, so I’m a bit shocked that the stock for this release hasn’t been wiped out yet but nevertheless… now’s your chance,  dear reader. De La Soul is a rap trio that frankly needs no introduction. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know how influential they are on hip-hop. De La Soul (From The Soul) gets much of their inspiration regarding instrumentals and vocal samples from, real shocker here, soul music and jazz. De La Soul’s eighth effort doesn’t disappoint and for as long as they’ve been in the game, the fact that their quality hasn’t dipped is a testament to how adroit the group is at their craft. And The Anonymous Nobody is something you can bump in the whip, or something you can throw on to decompress after work. Listen to a preview via the EU buy link below, or a full playlist of the album on the YouTube player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Legendary Hip Hop trio De La Soul's 8th Studio album. The creation of and the Anonymous Nobody has been several years in the making. De La Soul wanted to make another sample-based album in the vein of 3 Feet High and Rising. In order to do so, and avoid the legalities of sample clearance, they spent a few years recording more than 300 hours of live music, converging everything from bossa nova, soul and hip-hop to funk, disco and reggae, creating their own sample library. The body of work is a concept and continuous story, even down to the transitions of songs with sound effects and instrumentals. The features-based record is mixed by Bob Power, Morgan Garcia and De La Soul, and was produced by De La Soul and Dave West. Guest appearances include, Snoop Dogg, Usher, 2 Chainz, and more. "This album is about lending to the scape of music in 2016, trying to give something, not for the sake of we want to balance what's going on or fix hip-hop. We just want to say something to the creative aspects of music," says Dave.

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