RIYL: Ghostly International

Label: Gold Robot Records

Marius Liberman, aka Copy, took a break from production as Copy in 2012 to work with his band Sun Angle and his radio show/podcast Heavy Breather. Now that he’s back, he’s releasing his fifth full-length album, Chosen Atmospheric Pieces, on a favorite label of ours here at Sly Vinyl – Gold Robot Records. At the moment, we only have one track to go off of but what we lack in material, the single “Another Dollar” more than makes up for it with its colorful synthesizer arrays, trap-influenced snares and hi-hats, and elastic, grimy guitar notes. Copy’s blending three worlds together in the span of three-and-a-half minutes and needless to say, it’s impressive how he smoothly he sews it all together. Its line riding between trap and abstract psychedelic electronica gives off the feeling of a much fabled [adult swim] bump. Listen to “Another Dollar” below via the Soundcloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Chosen Atmospheric Pieces, COPY’s 5th full length album and his first for Gold Robot Records, is something of a departure for the Portland, Oregon based producer, known for his baroque uptempo electro. After completing his last record Chalice Agenda (written in 2012 but not released until 2015) COPY’s Marius Libman went on hiatus, focusing attention on his band Sun Angle and FM radio show/podcast Heavy Breather. The break gave COPY a chance to approach songwriting and production from a different, subtler angle, and the stylistic shift - first hinted at in COPY’s remix of clipping.’s “Summertime” - reveals a deeper focus on exploring the depths of enveloping mood, melodic structure and cavernous space within the loose context of club music. Shimmering, reverb drenched synths interweave with gut rattling low end, crackling snares and tightly syncopated percussion to create a mysterious, hypnotic and sometimes foreboding atmosphere.

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