RIYL: MCA, Mike D & Ad Rock

Label: Calibro 35

This ain’t a mirage. ¬†Italian funk meets the rock-fused hip hop of Ill Communication¬†era Beastie Boys. ¬†That may sound a little odd, but the pairing makes a lot of sense. ¬†Calibro 35’s blend of vintage¬†exploitation soundtracks and astroglide grooves have already been sampled by hip hop greats like Dr. Dre and Jay-Z, and The Beastie Boys’ love of 70s funk samples just beckoned this project to exist. ¬†Now it does.

Everyone loves Sabotage, right? ¬†The video is legendary, the lyrics are all genius…it’s The Beasties in top form. ¬†Calibro 35 replaced the original instrumental with¬†their unique brand of rockin’ funk, and the results sound like¬†MCA, Ad Rock and Mike D standing in the middle of a sweaty porn scene, shaking up PBRs and spraying them all over the set, the starlets and the fluffers.

The B-side includes the instrumental, so you can spit your own rhymes over the beat or just turn the lights down and invite the neighbors over for a night they won’t soon forget. ¬†Calibro 35 originally released this last year and the demand was so high, they made a few more. ¬†And by a few, I mean 50. ¬†It’s time to get ill, n’est pas?

The Details

Super Limited 45 vinyl featuring Sabotaggio / Sabotaggio (instrumental version). 50 copies are back in stock here, INSTANT COLLECTOR'S ITEM ... BE FAST !!!

Originally recorded for Sky Arte - Variazioni Bertallot TV Show, the track sees our crime funk heroes entirely re-set on music Beastie Boys' "Sabotage". Much more than a cover version or a simply mashup, "Sabotaggio" is the perfect fusion between Adrock, MCA and Mike D's voices and Calibro 35's killer groove! A spacetime trip from 90s New York to Today. Due to popular demand a super limited bunch of 45s vinyl have been pressed.

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