So this album was released back on July 2nd,  2013 completely under my radar. I stumbled upon it recently and have been giving it a bunch of listens and HOLY SHIT is it a sharp delivery of lyrical prowess. Billy Woods (a Zimbabwe born rapper now living in NYC with his own record label) paired up with Blockhead (a master of classically fresh hip-hop beats) to create a solid release that is sobering, track after track. Billy has one of those rare talents of taking his experiences (and those of others) and retelling them with deep concepts and cryptic references. Initial listens reveal a raw flow from Billy over authoritative beats from Blockhead, while repeat listens have you diving deeper into Billy’s lyrics. A great album to let the brain chew on.

And while this was released over 6 months ago, it is our luck as collectors and lovers of hip-hop that some of the limited edition vinyls are still available! Only 300 Black and White Mixed records were created with special alternate art for the sleeve.

If you are a fan of underground hip-hop this is a great album to have in your collection.

Check the B&W Mix:

Side A


Side B


The Details

This is the billy woods Dour Candy LPx1 (colored vinyl). We created a special piece for you collectors out there, white & black mixed vinyl along with exclusive artwork to the vinyl album. Only 300 made! Don’t miss out.

Price $25

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