Kirk Barley made his debut as Bambooman last year with the single “Hollowed” and now the producer’s back this year with an eight track EP. Barley blends his work with soul samples, found sounds, field recordings, tribal chants and what I think is a David Lynch speech sample on the intro track “Birth.” Barley blends hip-hop with garage (among other genres) to interesting effect on the title track and “Clasp.” Admittedly, this EP is a bit hard to nail down in regards to a specific direction or genre – Barley himself admits to this being “… a good representation of the music [he] love[s] to make.” The Filip Ja remix of “Dulcet” gives it even more of a garage flavor than before – the plethora of vocal samples with the noise-filled background as foil to it all. This isn’t meant as slight to the EP, but I think this would work nicely in a lounge setting – it is slightly downtempo. Check out the Dulcet EP below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Following Hollowed - the Yorkshire based producer’s debut EP for Sonic Router - and his successive collaborative EP with vocalist Segilola for the King Deluxe label, Bambooman returns with a reinvigorated arsenal of productions on the Dulcet EP. Pouring a lot of ideas into the seven original tracks he tackles numerous tempos, contorting his trademark brittle percussion and his command of bounding melodies across several different forms.

“I feel like this EP is a good representation of the music I love to make - style wise,” offers Bambooman of the EP. “I definitely spent a lot of time sculpting the overall sound that I've been developing over the last few years. There’s a nice balance of musical feelings from the more dark minimal sound design evident in ‘Birth’ and ‘Cast‘, to the classic kick/snare hip hop flex of ‘Knox’, through to the more up-tempo garage-esque feel of tracks like ‘Dulcet’ and ‘Clasp’.”

“Similarly to Hollowed, this EP is made almost entirely out of found sounds and field recordings that I’ve made and processed; sounds I’ve synthesized myself or recordings that were made and donated by friends. There’s certainly more development and progression within the individual tracks and I feel like that’s also reflected in the EP’s sequencing.”
released 05 May 2014
All music by K. Barley.
Mastered by Concrete Cut Studios.
Vinyl cut at Finyl Tweek.
Artwork by Oliver Pitt.

Price $11.79

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