Venezuelan producer Arca is back in full force with his third full-length album Xen; this also makes it the artist’s debut on Mute. His iced out and woozy productions will make you wonder if you had your drink spiked. Alejandro Ghersi has struck it big fast, with his contributions towards Yeezus, FKA Twigs’ EP1, LP1 and let’s not forget his very own mixtape &&&&& which got a limited vinyl release earlier this year that I wrote up (I hope you got to it in time). From what we can hear of Xen, his quality has dropped off at all and if anything, he’s raised the bar. Even if you’re not a fan of hip-hop/beat music (I’m not even sure you could label this as such), I implore you to give this a chance. The atmosphere that’s set on here is perfect for the incoming winter, and the path of twists and turns Ghersi has carved out within the grooves will keep your attention. Check out a preview of Xen by going through the Buy Now link below and “Thievery” in full via the SoundCloud player below. See what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

2LP+10inch: Only one copy per customer,ships early next week!

Xen is the latest in a line of uncompromising, forward-thinking releases from the 24 year old Venezuelan artistt Alejandro Ghersi who first started turning heads with his Baron Libre, Stretch 1 and Stretch 2 EPs in 2012, before further wowing with his work on FKA Twigs's EP1 (and then subsequent work this year's LP1), Kanye West's Yeezus and his own blistering &&&&& mixtape the following year.

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