Let me say this first:

THIS IS A BOOTLEG. (according to the artist)

Ok, now we got that elephant outta the way, let’s talk about why this release of Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to the Pharcyde is still so awesome.

Last year Amerigo Gazaway, a brilliant DJ out of Nashville (part of the Gummy Soul Record Label), created what I consider one of the greatest hip-hop mashups of our time. He took the tongue and cheek lyrics of The Pharcyde and interwove them with reimagined beats/samples from A Tribe Called Quest. Interested? Of course you are. Well it sounds even more amazing than it reads (check it out below). Unfortunately (due to copyrights I’m guessing), there was never an official release. Queue Turntable Lab, who took Amerigo’s brilliant mashup and pressed it to vinyl. Now, I’m not sure how many of these they’ve pressed so far (already got up my copy and it sounds legit through my setup at home), but, as we all know with bootlegs, once someone gets wind of this they may force Turntable Lab to take it down, therefore limiting the amount to only what’s out there now.

I’ve listened to this album on repeat ever since it came out. And as a lover of hip-hop and vinyl it’s a must have for me, even if it’s a bootleg.

Now, what really sucks for Amerigo is I’m pretty sure he’s not getting a cut of this (that I know of). So, if you do pick up this wax I highly suggest donating some money his way so he keeps on making these amazing mashups.

Do yourself a favor and grab this vinyl before someone cracks down on it.

The Details

A FULL ALBUM OF TRIBE X PHARCYDE MASH-UPS FROM AMERIGO GAZAWAY! Ya'll should remember Amerigo from his last mash-up effort Fela Soul, and here on Bizarre Tribe he puts those blending skills to work on classics from two legendary rap groups. The combination of Tribe and Pharcyde works perfectly like peanut butter & jelly as heard on "Runnin," (now with the beat of "Electric Relaxation") "Bonita Keeps Passin' Me By" ("Bonita Applebum" raps over "Passin Me By"), "Ya Mama And Stuff," and "Otha Otha Fish." The flawless mixing and matching of raps and beats makes every track on here a win-win situation. Think of these as classics that never were, from a parallel universe. Recommended for hip-hop heads and mashup fans alike.

Price $21

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