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Zuriaake is a Chinese black metal outfit from Ji’nan, Shandong Province. This album is their first and only full length, recorded and released in 2007 and now getting an extremely limited, deluxe release. The sound of Zuriaake is both meditative, contemplative, and extremely furious. Their album features quiet, melodic interludes interspersed between epic black metal fury. Although the lyrics are Chinese, I think the sound is fairly universal.

The deluxe version comes in a custom, cloth slipcover along with a number of goodies, including art cards, postcards, stickers, and a lyric book featuring majestic Chinese landscape ink paintings and screened lyrics, which is delivered in typical stylized Chinese calligraphy. Limited to 20(!).

A release not to be missed for you metal heads out there.

Picture taken by DetEndeloseSvart.

The Details

Disappearing into the mountain forest, Occulting over the shadowed water, The first full length album of Zuriaake,
A depressive ambient blackmetal band from Shandong, CHINA! A great work, and the first real attack of Chinese-Style Blackmetal!!

Thanks to DetEndeloseSvart for the tip!

Price $34.99

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