RIYL: The Black Lips, Ty Segall, Jay Reatard

Label: Greenway Records

Careful not to get your shoes stuck in the sludge.  Bristol fuzzy punks Yo No Se are slathering heavy doses of the stuff all over town, so bring your money and a few q-tips for good measure.  If you’re into Stoogey punk freak-outs and heavy, throat-shredding rock and roll, then this gorgeous debut 7″ should be in your sweaty palms yesterday.

Greenway Records, as always, knows what you vinyl collectors need.  They’ve got 4 variants and they’re all pretty damn limited.  The sunshine seafoam splatter, pictured above, and the green ‘time warp’ splatter variants are both limited to 75 copies.  There are also 2 bundles that come with the splatters and either a clear or a green variant, both limited to just 50 copies.  The splattered variants both have spray-painted and hand-printed covers too, so pick your poison after the ‘buy’ link and check out their newest video of the b-side below.

The Details

GWY-023 Clear Edition // Clear Vinyl // Limited to 50 Copies
GWY-023 Time Warp Splatter // Deep Space Splatter Vinyl // Limited to 75 Copies
GWY-023 Green Edition // Clear Green Vinyl // Limited to 50 Copies
GWY-023 Sunshine Seafoam Splatter // Sunshine Splatter Vinyl // Limited to 75 Copies

Additional Images

Price $8

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