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xSPONGEXCOREx is a metalcore band themed around the infamous Spongebob Squarepants and his Bikini Bottom cohorts. The project is purely satirical and no copyright infringement is intended. No profit shall nor will ever be gained from the music made as all proceeds get donated to charity.

The Brutal Bikini Bottom Beatdown vinyl release features every xSPONGEXCOREx EP released (including Sweet Robot Krabz)!

Are Yah Ready Kids? The IndieGoGo for this release goes live on April 6th at Noon PST/3PM EST!*
* It’s Live!

– Limited to 200 copies
Random Color Splatter Vinyl 12″ EP


The Details

Brutal Bikini Bottom Beatdown pre-orders will be up this Monday through IndieGoGo!
It features every EP released (including Sweet Robot Krabz)!

They will be available in all major physical xXFORMATSXx, Digipak CD (no limit), Vinyl (Limited to 200 xXRANDOMCOLORSPLATTERXx, $23 shipped), and Cassette (Limited to 50, $11 shipped)!


How Tough Are Yah?
1 G.A.R.Y
2 So, You Like Kickin' Butts Do Yah?
3 Dubby Dan
4 He Was Number One
5 This Is Patrick

Don't Mess With TexXxas
6 The Moment
7 Forever
8 Brootal Buddy
9 Right Where I Want You
10 The Formuoli
11 I Don't Need It
12 Big, Scary, And Pink
13 Roll Credits

Sweet Robot Krabz
14 Sweet Robot Krabz (Part 1)
15 Sweet Robot Krabz (Part 2)

Price $23

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