Riding Easy Records has a little something online to turn your attention away from your morning cartoons.  Windhand and Salem’s Pot, both sludge metal masterminds, have concocted a split 10” to celebrate the encroaching Halloween season.  Metal, psych, blues and rawk and roll all mixed up into a cauldron of colorful wax and oil.  Evil and delicious.

Now before you spit out your Yoo-hoo and write a nasty, scathing post about how vinyl is way too expensive and the market is now Urban Outfitters’ bread and butter, slathered in Hot Topic stank, and ‘it’s the beanie baby of the 2010s’ and ‘used cars salesmen are applying at record stores across the country’ and so on and so forth…keep in mind that labels like Riding Easy understand this cold, hard fact.  To fight the commodified cheese and the lame (pronounced Haim) ass picture discs, Riding Easy is attempting to put the art back into the wax.  These test press editions come housed in a hand-made leather sleeve and are incredibly edibly rare.

If the test press edish is not your thang, no problemo!  Pick up the orange center/black outer variant for $21.99 or the die-hard clear variant for $40.  Both of those are limited to 100 copies.  You’re all unique and precious snowflakes, and there are plenty of options to fit your needs.  Bon weekend, my pretties.

The Details

50 Test Pressings in a Leather Sleeve by Freehand Leather (RidingEasy Records Exclusive) $100
Die Hard – 100 Clear (RidingEasy Records Exclusive) (Die Hard) $40
100 Orange Center/Black Outer (RidingEasy Records Exclusive) $21.99
150 Red – $20
200 Black – $20

Price $100

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