If you have not heard of Vektor at this point in the past ¬†few years then you aren’t paying

attention. They happen to be the most important band in the thrash genre. This is some of

the most intense, fast, fiery and downright technical music on the planet as we speak. Imagine

Slayer, Skeletonwitch and Rush in an orgy. Yes I said Rush!


Now the Hellsheadbangers site doesn’t specify which pressing this is and it is a couple years

old but seeing how the most pressed version was the black LP at 400 copies I’m guessing that

this is that version. And if not even better!

The Details

One of last years hidden gems of the world thrash scene is not arguably, but certainly Vektor's 'Outer Isolation'! Having relocated from the suburban desert wastes of Arizona to the way more urban and Thrash orientated cityscape of Philadelphia these guys are in the ascendent having just scored a dream tour support to Napalm Death and Municipal Waste before heading to Europe next year!
Definitely one of the most original bands of the contemporary scene Vektor infuse dystopian Sci-fi concepts, amid complex compositions, that are at times progressive and others viscous rounded off by the killer blackened thrash vocals of David DiSanto, oh and dare I say it a Thrash scream that will have metals's greats doffing their caps as they realise their days are done!

Price $19

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