RIYL: Sabbath, Maiden, Floyd, Lennon

Label: Rise Above Records

Vantablack is a substance made of carbon nanotubes and is the blackest substance known to exist on Earth.  It absorbs up to 99.965% of radiation in the visible spectrum.  A close second to vantablack is England’s finest sludge metal outfit Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats.  Any and all fans of the hard stuff from its proto days in the late 1960s to its vast splintering of subgenres over the decades will undoubtedly love the hell out of these gentlemen, so I highly suggest grabbing this little gem.

And when it comes to limited product, you have very little time to mull a purchase over before they’re all gone.  The die-hard clear version is still up for grabs over at Rise Above Records, so get to steppin’.  You’re gonna want to hear the b-side, a cover of Iron Maiden’s Remember Tomorrow.  Godspeed.

The Details

New single from the UK’s coolest band! A-side is taken from highly acclaimed 2015 album The Night Creeper, whilst the b-side is stunning rendition of Iron Maiden classic – Remember tomorrow.

140 x Clear – One per customer please.
500 x Black
500 x Red
500 x Trans blue
240 x Orange (40 for sale here – the other 200 will be on sale at the bands forthcoming US tour dates)
1000 x Purple (US edition – 25 on sale here)

Price $9.15

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