RIYL: Blood Ceremony, Witchcraft, Ruby the Hatchet, Salem's Pot

Label: Rise Above Records

Here we go again. After the success of Vol. 1, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats have another exciting new album, Wasteland currently up for pre-order. The doom garage metal heads are grinding out licks that are unheard of and our species deserves to grovel at their suffocating and intoxicating shadows. “Possibly their most powerful album to date, the band recorded at Sunset Studios in LA and have come up with a raw an exuberant sound that promises to blow away most of the psych rock rabble that follow in their wake. A mixture of psych rock anthems and darker more politically aware material that could well be their biggest statement to date.”

That being said, there are currently 4 variants available for this album, however Rise Above Records has not put anything out on their storefront. You know what that means? Stupid, super limited variants are most likely coming. Are you ready to press F5 every 10 seconds? Stay up till all hours refreshing Rise Above’s site while drinking 5-Hour Energy shots? Well get your diapers on and drink your Four Locos because you don’t want to miss any exclusives coming down the pipe. I’ll update as much as possible the variants that come available and list them below. Prices vary per site and currently everything is available. Good Luck!

Indie-Exclusive Black Sparkle Vinyl w/ Iron On T-shirt Transfer Limited to 1500

Bullmoose, Rough Trade, Plaid Room (Cheapest), Heavy-Vinyl

EU/UK Fluorescent Orange Vinyl w/Textured Sleeve Limited to 2000

Season of Mist, Burning World, Nuclear Blast, Napalm, Norman

EU/UK Vanilla Vinyl w/Textured Sleeve Limited to 2000

Burning World, Season of Mist, Nuclear Blast, Napalm, Norman

Black Vinyl w/Textured Sleeve Limited to 2000

Norman, Burning World

A disorientating journey through Starrs’ wonkiest dreams, “Wasteland” glides majestically from punchy and direct psych-rock anthems like I See Through You and Shockwave City to the viscous, somnambulant ooze of the eight-minute No Return and the twinkly-eyed bad trip of the album’s mesmerizing title track. Recorded at the legendary Sunset Sound studio in Los Angeles, “Wasteland” boasts the kind on irresistibly raw and exuberant sound that only the greatest bands can generate.
“We recorded the basic tracks the way we always do,” says Starrs. “Everyone in one room, live and straight to tape. We worked with a great engineer called Geoff Neal (NIN/Motorhead/Fuzz), who really understood what we were going for and how to capture it. Playing in the same room where so many classic albums were made definitely inspired us. Even small things like running the guitars through the same echo chamber that Van Halen used in the ’70s, it all added to the overall experience.” – Heavy-Vinyl

The Details

Multiple variants. Release Date: 10/12/2018

Fluorescent Orange Vinyl (limited to 2000)
Black Vinyl (limited to 2000)
Black Sparkle Colored Vinyl (Limited to 1500)
Vanilla Colored Vinyl (limited to 2000)

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Price $23.5

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