Robotic Empire went completely all out on this repress. This is a genre I don’t delve too deeply into but I want to always keep the beautiful and interesting alive with these posts – this particular band has been described as “stoner metal” and “sludge metal” and honestly, without even listening to a single song, I can just sit here staring at the beauty that is each and every variant of this release. Torche is a band that has an extremely solid, best described as kindred, following. Kindred might not even do it justice as this particular EP has sold over 10,000 copies to date. This current pressing of 2,000 more finds Robotic Empire charging up the tab at Pirate Press for an onslaught of mouthwateringly beautiful pressings. If nothing else, just scroll down and enjoy the eye candy…

Each of these releases includes a CD along with the wax.

Variant #1: “Ballistic” – Clear w/ Red Streaks and a Black Blob ( /200)



Variant #2: “Blue Hydrangea” – Light Blue w/ Blue Swatches Inserted ( /200)



Variant #3: “Ice Moon” – Blue In Blue ( /400)


ice moon

Variant #4: “Orange Julius” – Delicious! ( /400)



Variant #5: “Planetoid” – Beer/Pink w/ Lots of Streaks ( /400)



Variant #6: “Smelted Ore” Silver and Gold Stripes w/ Gold Streaks ( /400)



The BUY NOW tab is a link to the page where you can see all 6 and select from there. With this particular post, feel free to click on PURCHASE HERE just above each picture. It will directly link you to that release.

This was certainly a long one. ENJOY!

The Details

This is the fifth(!) pressing of In Return and we are proud that so many have been made and enjoyed! We went pretty big with this latest pressing and made 2000 more in the following quantities/ridiculous names:

* 200 copies of Ballistic (clear w/ red streaks and a black blob)
* 200 copies of Blue Hydrangea (light blue with blue swatches inserted)
* 400 copies of Planetoid (beer/pink with lots of streaks)
* 400 copies of Orange Julius (delicious!)
* 400 copies of Ice Moon (blue in blue)
* 400 copies of Smelted Ore (silver and gold stripes with gold streaks)

Price $14.99

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