Somewhere in time, amidst the bitter and unmerciful Bronze Age…a mere man crafted a weapon that could be plunged into the hearts of its enemies.  The sword was born.  Deadlier than a dagger and swifter than a warhammer, the sword still serves as a symbol for power, for loyalty, for prowess, and for the mammoth amp-destroying metal.

The Austin hard rock heroes are back with album number five, and it’s an even tighter endeavor bursting at the seams with riffs, spliffs and MF-ing attitude.

Per usual for The Sword, many variants already exist out there.  UK fans, there is a sick splatter variant from Napalm Records limited to 300 that you can purchase HERE.  A variant from Razor and Tie, limited to 500, is already sold out.  The ‘Earth & Sky’ variant can be purchased from The Sword’s online store after the ‘buy’ link.  If you come across any more variants, feel free to post the links.

Praise Iommi, and long live the riff.

The Details

A bold new offering from "The Other Little Ol' Band from Texas", The Sword.

LPs feature a unique "Earth & Sky" colored vinyl combination, (purple and orange swirl vinyl), and come packaged in a beautiful gatefold sleeve.

Price $30

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