The last couple months have given us some fantastic releases of albums that have never before been pressed on vinyl. Thanks to Staple Records, this trend will continue on with their upcoming April 15th release of The Bled‘s best-selling album Found In The Flood which was originally released in 2005! This first-time pressing is limited to just 1,500 copies on Opaque Teal vinyl and will be exclusive to select Hot Topic stores and also It was just the last couple months their previous ground-breaking album Pass The Flask saw it’s first vinyl releases fans like myself are definitely loving this news!


It was not too long ago, back in 2011 in fact, that Arizona’s The Bled decided to call it quits to the disappointment of their entire rather dedicated fan base. Fortunately for fans they left us with some great material and memories across three full-length albums, a couple EP’s, and literally countless shows filled with intensity that almost makes it impressive the buildings were left standing after they performed. I have seen countless bands with solid performances in my life but very, very few stick in my mind as much as acts like these guys. If you were fortunate enough to catch them, you know absolutely what I’m talking about.

Found In The Flood was originally released in 2005 and featured James Muñoz on vocals, Jeremy Ray Talley on back-up vocals and guitar, Ross Ott on guitar, Darren Simoes on bass, and Mike Pedicone handling drums and drum programming. It was also produced by Mark Trombino who you may recognize from his work with other great acts like Drive Like Jehu, Finch, Blink 182 and Jimmy Eat World.

The Details

The Bled - Found In The Flood LP


Found In The Flood is The Bled's critically acclaimed and best-selling 2005 full-length featuring 10 tracks of intense technical hardcore.

Release date is currently set for April 15, 2014.

Track List:
01. Hotel Corral Essex
02. Guttershark
03. My Assassin
04. Antarctica
05. She Calls Home
06. The Last American Cowboy
07. Daylight Bombings
08. Millionaires
09. With An Urgency
10. I Don't Keep With Liars Anymore

Details of this release currently are limited besides the color, quantity, and where it will be distributed so this post will be updated as more information becomes available!

Price $21.5

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