RIYL: metal fuzz with a punk ethos

Label: Greenway Records

Don’t be fooled by the apple blossoms and northern mockingbirds decorating the pastures of Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Behind all of the antique shops, past the front steps of Old Main and beyond the lush hilltops lies a dilapidated den housing a rock band known as Ten High, the state’s worst nightmare and best kept secret.  Until now.  NOW there’s a physical artifact floating around in the world with two snarling ragers loaded with just the right amount of metal fuzz and punk ethos to give you that righteous headache you’ve been aching for.

Greenway Records has 2 variants for your consumption.  For $8, grab the milky clear version limited to 200, and for $15, palm a gorgeous splatter variant with an alternate hand-painted cover.  There’s also a bundle for both for $22 for all ye fanboys so you can save a buck.  These drop on Thursday, Sept 15, at 12 PM EST.  Getchu some.

The Details

Limited to 300 records over two versions, the splatter features an alternate hand spray-painted and linocut printed cover by the great Dan Curran Print Shop.
The actual cover is by an incredible French artist @lechatdelaruedesartistes and I highly recommend you following his work.
Ten High brings the heat with 2 killer tracks that will have you pogoing in your bedroom.

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Price $8

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