RIYL: metal fuzz with a punk ethos

Label: Greenway Records

Don’t be fooled by the¬†apple blossoms and northern mockingbirds decorating the pastures of Fayetteville, Arkansas. ¬†Behind all of the antique shops, past the¬†front steps of Old Main and beyond¬†the lush hilltops¬†lies a dilapidated den housing a rock band known as¬†Ten High, the state’s worst nightmare and best kept secret. ¬†Until now. ¬†NOW there’s a physical artifact floating around in the world with two¬†snarling ragers loaded¬†with just the right amount of metal fuzz and punk ethos to give you that¬†righteous headache you’ve been aching for.

Greenway Records has 2 variants for your consumption. ¬†For $8, grab the milky clear version limited to 200, and for $15, palm a gorgeous splatter variant with an alternate hand-painted¬†cover. ¬†There’s also a bundle for both for $22 for all ye fanboys so you can save a buck. ¬†These drop on Thursday, Sept 15, at 12 PM EST. ¬†Getchu some.

The Details

Limited to 300 records over two versions, the splatter features an alternate hand spray-painted and linocut printed cover by the great Dan Curran Print Shop.
The actual cover is by an incredible French artist @lechatdelaruedesartistes and I highly recommend you following his work.
Ten High brings the heat with 2 killer tracks that will have you pogoing in your bedroom.

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Price $8

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