Open your wax-clogged ears for a damn minute here, and crack open that  lukewarm domestic pilsner that you lifted from the gas station down the street.  Metal days are upon us.

From the scorching red state of Texas resides a little oasis called Austin.  I live there, you want to live there, but most importantly…Sweat Lodge lives there.  In the wake of another group of Austin ax wielders known as The Sword, Sweat Lodge gets down to the heavy Sabbath grooves, the lung-bustin’ upper register vocals and mystical lyrical content.  It’s the rock that makes your neck sore, it’s the shit that compels you to do something bad with your friends at 2 AM, it’s Sweat f-ing Lodge.  Check the entire album out below.

Keep in mind that there are 2 other variants of the record.  One, called the ‘Blackest Night Edition’, can be purchased HERE and is limited to 300.  There is also a very righteous, very sick variant called the ‘Spirit Warrior Edition’ that’s also limited to 100.  It will drop on August 8 HERE at 9:00 AM EST.

The Details

Heavyweight vinyl -- limited to 100 grey vinyl

This is the one you've been hearing about. Fresh off their triumphant performance on Carson Daily Show, Sweat Lodge unleash a malestrom of doomed out, retro-70's stoner rock that is blowing people away. Think Orchid and Kadavar mixed with Austin psych and you'll just be scraping the surface.

Price $25

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