RIYL: Earth, Boris, The Body

Label: Self-Released

The experimental metal band has always pushed the boundaries of the drone/sludge genre, peaking their head into other fields as they continue their career. Pyroclast is the result of letting the music speak as the artist let go of the constraints “Life Metal” put on them. UPDATE: Limited to 500 Clear Vinyl without the holographic sleeve on their Bandcamp site!

Bandcamp Exclusive

Limited to 500 Clear vinyl ($24)

They are releasing this through their website in purple vinyl, white vinyl (indie only?), and standard black.

For the listener or recipient/participant there are deep rewards within the patience of pulling down the walls and letting the music feel, and feel the music. To be immersed will reveal great detail and colour, clarify image, encourage a depth of focus and stillness which may lead to a quite profound experience. Sitting inside the space of time. A deep form of elementalism, even atomism, and connection with presence moment, time and reality.

Sunn O))) would invite their audience to consider these points of perception when experiencing and listening to Pyroclasts. Sunn O))) would also invite and encourage the audience to use Pyroclasts as a lens to review and re-experience the complexity of the Life Metal album, and even to interrupt its sequence with Pyroclasts. This elaboration can bring the astute listener both abyssal, hallowed rewards. – Sunn O)))


The Details

180 gram Vinyl
Limited to 1000 copies pressed
Holographic Single Pocket Stoughton Tip On Jacket
*Ships out around the end of October*

Bandcamp Clear Vinyl:
Bandcamp Exclusive Color
Limited to 500 copies pressed
Single Pocket Stoughton Tip On Jacket

Additional Images

Price $26

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