EDIT: Still the the 1st pressing, 2nd colorway! The first batch on Orange sold out within a day! A few more tracks added to the player as well!

Classic Doom Metal rising from the fiery pits of the internet!  A real treat for fans of classic heavy metal, that pays hommage to the rulers of the genre, Black Sabbath, Pentangle, Deep Purple and Saint Vitus.     With a twist..

Spiral Shades is the unlikely result of a web-based musical partnership between Norwegian guitarist/bassist Filip Petersen (Deventy) and Indian vocalist/guitarist Khushal R. Bhadra.  Both involved artists had for some time been uploading covers of their favourite tracks through their Youtube-channels, when Bhadra came across Petersen’s channel back in 2012. He reached out, and they quickly found out that they shared a profound common interest both spiritually and musically in the core of 70’s doom, heavy and proto-metal. They quickly decided to team up, and this album is the fruit of 1,5 years of sending riffs back and forth across the globe. To this day I’m not even sure if the two have ever met face to face..

I remember reading an article about this in my local newspaper a few months back, and I’m stoked that the brilliant outcome of this strange and unique cooperation is now being released through one of my favourite labels, RidingEasy Records (formerly known as EasyRider Records).

Read more about this amazing story HERE


The Details

Special Pre – Sale Pricing on Spiral Shades – “Hypnosis Sessions” VINYL.

This is a DOUBLE LP in a single jacket with an insert. Pre-Order price is $22 on the second variant of DARK GREY MARBLED Vinyl limited to 100.

Thanks to Joshua AKA makesoundsnotlove for the tip!

Price $22

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