So you like a little punk with your Motörhead? So do Speedwolf. The ultimate party metal record

That digs deep into the heart of speed metal and injects plenty of punk attitude.


This album has been repressed numerous times in the past couple years since it was pulled

out from the grave. This is the most limited version since the very first pressing on white vinyl.

Just think about it. Only you and 110 other people can own this. And unlike most picture

discs you actually get a full gatefold high Quality jacket and poster!


Also available is the tour edition on red vinyl which is limited as well.

The Details

BACK IN STOCK & GOING FAST!: Now as a PICTURE DISC (only 111 made), a restock of traditional BLACK vinyl and tour edition RED vinyl. All versions come in a Gatefold jacket with UV spot gloss + a large 18" x 24" poster of the cover artwork.

Who wants to "Ride With Death"? SPEEDWOLF's highly anticipated debut album is aptly titled: their locomotive, NWOBHM-fuelled heavy metal is powered by a hardcore-punk engine, cruising across the wasteland of the not-so-distant future like proverbial Road Warriors... on iron horses they ride, born to lose. Full-fledged Hessians to the bitter end, SPEEDWOLF play for keeps, each of the LP's dozen tracks an anthem unto itself - so come on and "Ride With Death"! Recommended for diehards of later ENGLISH DOGS, MIDNIGHT, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, G.I.S.M., later GBH, and the almighty MOTORHEAD!

Price $19.99

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