If there is a God, I’ll bet he’s already pre-ordered this one. Quality Cosmic Psychedelic Instrumental Doom/Sludge with spaced out effects will probably fit the size of his listening room quite well. His tape-version of this album (released a few months back) is probably getting pretty worn out from playing while he’s planning Armageddon, or whatever he might be up to these days. He’s probably got a pretty neat, custom built stereo.

Space Witch cooks up their dark, sonic journeys deep within in the British marshes of Stoke-on-Trent. They’ve been around for a few years, and have been building up a reputation through a couple of cassette-/CD EPs and live shows.  The two tracks that inhabits this self-titled LP are both extremely cleverly arranged, and performed with their souls inside out. They’ll take a tight grip of your nerves for aprx 65 minutes of sonic apocalypse, while guiding you through the dark depths of cosmos in a divine stereophonic mayhem. When this trip finally crashes down in an intense pool of feedback and noise, it will leave you thoroughly shook up and gasping for breath. And you’re gonna wanna repeat it..instantly! Trust me on this. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Their self titled debut-LP was originally released on tape and CD in July this year via Orchestrated Dystopia Records, and they’ve teamed up with Hevisike and Fear Me Music for the Vinyl dropping in January. Pre-orders went up at midnight UK-time, and there are two options available;  Limited Edition on 2xLP (one Black-/one Red Vinyl in a heavy-weight sleeve and a A3-poster) in 275 copies, and if you’re quick enough there might be a couple of Ambassador Editions still available. The latter only available in 25 copies, and comes with an additional 7″ (with radio edits of the two tracks) plus a bonus screen printed art that serves as an alternate cover.  I think it’s safe to say that these will go pretty fast!


Space Witch have delivered a monster. Space Witch are on the verge of greatness. -SLUDGELORD


An instrumental sludgy diamond of doom – ECHOES AND DUST

The Details

Space Witch - Double LP

Stoke-On-Trent, UK instrumental doom / sludge / psychedelic power house SPACE WITCH release their debut full length on HeviSike Records/ Fear Me! Music / Orchestrated Dystopia Records in January 2015. The album collects two sonic journeys; Worship The Void and The Alchemy Paradox.

The band utilise electronic effects in conjunction with crushing guitar riffs, thunderous bass and hypnotic rhythm.

One red / One black vinyl
180g vinyl
Limited edition of 300

Release date:
January 2015

Pre-Order from 24th October 2014

Available in two versions:
'Limited Edition' includes poster insert

'Ambassador Edition' is a HeviSike Records exclusive and includes a bonus 7" containing radio edits of Worship and Alchemy plus a bonus screen printed art print which serves as an alternate cover. - ONLY 25 AVAILABLE.

Price $24

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