I was born in the early 80s, so I never had the chance to ditch biology class, dodge the hall monitor, peel out in my ’71 Chevelle and head to the parking lot of the city arena and drink Milwaukee’s Best with my buddies while we wait for Judas Priest to blow us away on stage.

Yeah, that’s a very specific fantasy of mine, but nevertheless, on the way to the parking lot, I’d have Sons of Huns in the tape deck.  Similar to Austin metal juggernauts The Sword, Sons of Huns throw urine-soaked denim jackets, muddy blues and meat ‘n potatoes metal into the blender and throw it on slabs of wax for all of us lucky bastards.

You can obtain this monster in many different options, but the ultimate package is going on sale on Sunday, November 24.  Check these photos out!


Easyrider Records have quickly established themselves as ARTISANS of truly gorgeous packaging.  If you have a spare hundy to throw at this thing, do it.  If not, get one of the other less expensive options.  See ya at the parking lot.

The Details

Sons of Huns Test Pressing packages are going on sale Sunday 11/24 at 9AM. These will be limited to 30 and made to order, the ordering period is 1 week or until we hit 30. The price is $100. Yes I know that is expensive, but this shit isn't cheap. Check out the photos and get your paypal account ready.

Price $100

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