There was a time not so long ago when rock and roll had two subgenres: hard and soft.  It was a time when you took your woman to the arcade on Friday Night, smoked Camels with her in the parking lot of the rollerskating rink, drove around town in your beat-up Chevy van and then christened your love in the backseat while listening to Sabbath’s Master of Reality.  Riding Easy Records still live in that skunky k-hole.  Will you join them?

Slow Season’s opener Sixty Eight is a dead ringer for Zeppelin’s Good Times Bad Times, a nod to the English 4-piece that made us all believers.  Each track is packed with rock tradition…heavy Bonham backbeats, spicy guitar solos, blues riffs and blue jean jackets soaked in bong resin.

Listen to the full album below, and I’ll see ya at the Moon Tower later on tonight.  Full kegs, everyone’s gonna be there, alright alright alright.

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Black Vinyl – $19.99
Light Blue Opaque Vinyl – $21.99 (limited to 100)

Price $21.99

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