RIYL: Sleeping Giant, Foot, Electric Wizard

Label: Copper Feast Records

Hard psych label Copper Feast Records, purveyors of delinquency and dealers of riffs, have assembled two of their Melbourne heavy hitters for a split 7″, the stoner doom trio Sleeping Giant and the scorched desert rock 4-piece Foot. It’s a meeting of the minds powerful enough to split the earth like a sharpened ax to a rotting log…or at least startle the neighbor’s pet Pomeranian. Either way, these two tracks have been placed in your life to push your sound system to the brink. Brace for impact.

Listen to the a-side below, Sleeping Giant’s scuzzy stomper Fortress. Thumping metal sludge collides with a grungy 90s growl, a mix of Uncle Acid’s sinister guitar tones and Alice in Chains’ minor-keyed melodic structures. If you’re into it, grab one of the remaining 7″s on putrid green vinyl after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

7" vinyl split on Putrid Green coloured vinyl with a brand new song from Sleeping Giant on one side and another fresh track from Foot on the other.
Copper Feast are proud to present this split single release from Foot and Sleeping Giant!

Item ships out on or around January 31, 2021.
Edition of 300.

Price $10.50

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