Easy Rider Records may be on your radar now after the onslaught they endured when they dropped those die-hard cassettes from Fuzz’s new one.  Turns out, these guys are super into limited wax of the metalocalypse variety.

If the Vikings made playlists before they went out and conquered every damn thing they set their eyes on, Shooting Guns would be firmly placed between Sabbath and Sodom.  These men wield their axes with the precision of a seasoned executioner, and they’ve decided that only 100 of us can enjoy their aural guillotine.

Will you take the invitation?

The Details

Limited to 100 on clear as an EasyRider Records EXCLUSIVE color, you will not want to miss out on this peach of a release. Seriously, this is one record we are excited to be involved with over here. The First 50 come in a TRI FOLD heavy weighted poster board that is hand numbered and has a slight variation with the band name letter pressed in clear ink. Standard version is $21, Die Hard version with alternate cover is $34.99 (only 35 will be on sale).

Price $21

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