Independent label EasyRider Records are at it again! Modestly claiming to be selling the finest rocknroll, pysch, doom and heavy music on the planet, you should definitely tune in if you’re roaming these parts of the woods! Home to Monolord, Black Prism, Slow Season and Old Man’s Will amongst others, I’d say it’s safe to say they that’s not exactly overly exaggerating..   This time it’s the third album from the Swedes in Salem’s Pot that’s going to “..trick you out to the prairie”. Some seriously spooky, dark, slow and heavy Doom they deliver through this 3 track album, clocking in at a total of about 35 minutes!  Hold on to your soul, cuz this might be just about as dark as it gets..


There’s a small amount of the Clear Gold and the Black Vinyl still available after they launched the pre-order on saturday. There were also 35 test-pressings and 50 Die Hard editions of this album available, but their site was completely teared apart for a few hours.. The only thing slower I’ve experienced must be this album!

Note! This is a pre-order, the album is out April 29th.

Warning! The video for the track “Nothing Hill” contains explicit nudity, blood and gore!

“Haunting tunes, resin-coated riffs and grooves that will expand the lungs so far you’ll cough and get off. I’m getting the feeling this shit might even be soul- stealing.”
-The Sludgelord


“It’s like a Hammer House Of Horror psychotic death trip through the mind of Aleister Crowley. Dark, groovy and to the uninitiated fantastically creepy.” -Ride With The Devil

The Details

ALL VINYL comes in a thick heavy stock 24pt Matte Board, Insert, and DOWNLOAD CODE!!!!
Black Vinyl – 150 (first 100 are priced at $16.99)
Clear Gold – 100 – $20.99

Track listing:
1. Creep Purple (14:28)
2. Dr. Death (9:52)
3. Nothing Hill (9:12)

Following in the footsteps of astral concept albums of the 1970s, over three tracks of sprawling heavy psychedelia ...lurar ut dig på prärien offers the listener little chance of escape. Summoning the writhing sounds of demon fuzz and distant death knells the opening swell of 'Creep Purple', a 14 minute purge of lo-fi garage metal riffs and lysergic comedown finds Salem's Pot setting out their stall from which to peddle the darkest of doom.

Loose, low slung and inspired by the legends of Sabbath and the extended jams of Hawkwind 'Dr Death' and the pounding 'Nothing Hell' complete the unholy trinity of tracks replete with lyrics that propel the listener into worlds unknown. Atmospheric realms populated with weed and witches in a reality as miserable and malevolent as it mind-bending and majestic.

Thanks to Sandro Querido for the tip!

Price $16.99

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