Are you a baseball fan as well as a vinyl junkie?  Can you not get enough of Dodgers rookie sensation ,#66 in your hearts, Yasiel Puig?

Then you are in luck! The first 7″ from California metal band Puig Destroyer has 6 tracks and clocks in at right around 6 minutes and is available in two colors.  The black vinyl version is limited to only 200, but I think you really need to pick up the Dodger Blue/White split if you only plan on picking up one.

This may have been a long week for baseball fans, but Puig Destroyer is here to make it all better.

The Details

It started out as a quick idea (joke) by co baseball authors and musicians Riley Breckenridge (Thrice) and Ian Miller (KWC) to do a grind band based on new baseball phenom Yasiel Puig. It quickly turned into a musical project that would get the attention of baseball and heavy music fans within 10 days of its conception. Riley and Ian are joined by Jon Howell on guitar (Tigon, KWC) and Mike Minnick (Curl up and Die) on vocals. This seven inch was written and recorded via email with ideas bouncing back and forth that led to Scott Evans production of the 6 song 6 minute seven inch to blister your ears. Mike Minnick's vocals will take you back to unfortunately were not robots with rileys programmed chaos anchoring the KWC shred duo. The Ghost is Clear is proud to bring you all the distortion, digital blast beats, line drives and home runs that this thing has to offer to 45 rpms. The seven inch will feature dodgers colors and a very cool baseball themed art package that is in development with lots of fun ideas you will enjoy.

****THIS IS A PREORDER, we are working hard to get this in your hands in september, we are making the package and colors on this worth the wait and wanted to get the preorder up when the album was digitally released. WITH YOUR PREORDER you will get a digital download instantly delivered to you. CHECK OUT THE GAME DAY TSHIRT DESIGN PACKAGE by Claire Dietrich Faulhaber (

1st press: 300 half Blue/half White (DODGERS PRESS) and 200 black vinyl

Price $7

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