A few seconds into “Rip” off Psychic Teens’ second full-length and there’s no question that they are the real deal.  Intense and immediate.  Conjuring up Iggy’s Berlin-era croon and howl and tossing in driving, crunchy guitars, Psychic Teens want to remind you that your precious summer is quickly coming to an end and the bitter winter cold is sprinting in your direction.

The new record just made Spin’s “Album of the Week”, and for a limited time you can stream the album in its entirety.
Enjoy: https://www.spin.com/articles/psychic-teens-come-stream-interview

…and if you order quick, you’ll get the Ox Blood vinyl and a mask replica of that bad arse cover.  You just scored your halloween costume 3 months in advance.

The Details

“COME” is Philadelphia’s PSYCHIC TEENS’ second full length record. Recorded at Red Planet Recording and mastered by James Plotkin. Cover art from acclaimed Polish painter Aleksanda Waliszewska. While supplies last copies of the LP ordered directly from SRA Records will come with a limited “mask” of the face on the cover.

500 press of LPs with 250 being black, then the next 250 fading from black to oxblood red (about 100 mixed and spotted).

Price $12

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