I love the smell of pissed jeans in the morning.  If your recollection of the night before is a bit hazy, chances are you had a rip-roaring hell of a good time.

Fermented in the humid Appalachian mountain ranges of Pennsylvania, Pissed Jeans have grabbed the baton from Big Black, Flipper and other glue-sniffing Reagan-era miscreants, making sweaty, heart-pounding, ball-busting annihilators for a new generation of worthless dropouts.

Sub Pop snatched these boys up after their 2005 debut Shallow, first released on Parts Unknown Records, and dad gummit…they wanna re-issue the thing with a remastered ferociousness that will peel the paint off your basement walls.  So, climb out of your K-Hole and grab a copy before it’s too late.

The Details

All customers who pre-order the LP version of Shallow will receive the limited, “Loser Edition” of the album on colored vinyl. In addition, customers who pre-order any format will also receive the following:

-Instant download of Shallow available from your SubPop.com account.

Power-dirge from Pennsylvania. Pissed Jeans are noisy as a motherfucker and proud of it on this, their first full length, which sounds like a big pile of mud and broken glass ripping through your stereo speakers in the most killer way imaginable.

For the first time in years, Shallow is getting reissued on vinyl, and to make that as exciting and incentivized as we can, it’s also been completely remastered, and now includes a bonus 7” reproduction of their first single included in the LP sleeve (a download code for those songs is included in the CD version).

Price $16

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