Some bands wield an axe so powerful, you have to spell it in all caps.  PALLBEARER is one of them.  Slithering out of Little Rock, Arkansas in 2008, four young warlocks formed a band.  They brandished a sound as heavy as the Siberian snow, as fierce as the Yeti and as epic as a Yeti in the middle of a Siberian blizzard.  Yeah.

PALLBEARER is the gateway drug into metal.  For those that haven’t dared to tread, their hooks are as sweet as your favorite Sabbath deep cuts.  If you missed the first black and red variant back in 2015, now’s the time to jump on it.  These 500 copies will be gone faster than you think.  Fans of this band will devour it like maggots to a newly deceased boll weavel.

And if you haven’t already, check out some more record from Profound Lore.  They do metal right.

The Details

The latest colored vinyl edition of PALLBEARER's "Foundations Of Burden" 2xLP comes in a limited red/blue two-sided bleed vinyl edition, spot gloss gatefold jacket with art by Animetalphysical, a printed insert, a download card, all packaged in a protective polybag. This colored edition limited to 500 units.

Thanks to Preston for the tip!

Price $30.99

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