RIYL: Sabbath riffage, Syd Barrett weirdness

Label: Castle Face Records (US) & Flightless Records (Australia)

After a successful 7″ by way of Flightless Records, Australian 3-piece psych wizards ORB have officially released their debut full-length Birth to the world.  Muddy guitar riffage, effects pedals and magical studio tamperings are in abundance here.  The results sound like an electronically-inspired Black Sabbath fronted by original Pink Floyd weirdo Syd Barrett, a band with a knack for heavy, lacerating bangers and a desire to be unique from the rest of the herd.  Prepare yourself for a cerebral rock and roll happening courtesy of the brothers ORB.

As many of you probably already knew, the always-badass Flightless Records in Australia threw this album up for preorder a few months ago, and their colorway is a deep blue with a sewer green splatter, limited to 500.  Those can still be purchased HERE, but It’ll unfortunately run you over $40 to have it shipped to the states.  So, if you’re a greasy yank like myself, the Castle Face version is a much cheaper alternative.  Who are we kidding, though…I bet most of you are gonna buy both versions.  You’re all sick, you know that?  SICK.

The Details

A ripping debut from these young Australians, and I hear there's plans to come to the States soon too.
Toxic Pool Edition vinyl is limited to 2 per customer.

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Price $18

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