Nadja is the duo of Aidan Baker (guitars/vocals/piano/woodwinds/drums) and Leah Buckareff (bass/vocals) which originated out of Toronto, Canada. It all began back in 2003 as a solo project for Aidan Baker to explore the noisier side of his ambient/experimental interests and saw Buckareff joining in 2005 to expand the abilities of Nadja in the studio and also in the live setting.

Queller is the latest full-length to come from those humble beginnings. If you’re interested in ambient/drone style music that is well accompanied by more of an instrumental style of vocals… then this one is something you must check out!! The album comes in with 4 tracks spanning 40+ minutes in length.

This release became available yesterday through Nadja’s webstore and sold out very quickly. Today, Essence Music is putting the last available bunch up on their webstore, including some that are exclusive to Essence Music.

Available on Black vinyl and White vinyl options (White being the most limited), each of these vinyl configurations comes in hand silk-screened jackets with a folded inner poster. There are 2 choices for the Black vinyl and 2 choices for the White vinyl… (see details/photos below to more easily understand this)

White vinyl: Purple (exclusive to Essence) and Blue packaging options

Black vinyl: Green and Blue (exclusive to Essence) packaging options.


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Price $29

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