It’s surreal to me that Aidan Baker can switch from his avant-garde jazz solo work to this doom metal maelstrom he summons with Leah Buckareff. Bliss Torn From Emptiness is a powerful title in and of itself. The album cover of a blackened figurine looking upward and fading away is the painting of the end result of you listening to this – the metal burns you to a crisp and then, in your state of euphoria, you fade away. You are the bliss that’s being torn from the emptiness. Bliss Torn From Emptiness is suitable for headbanging as much it’s suitable for background music at one of your prestigious mansion gatherings with your fellow Illuminati where you speak of methods for infiltrating the next sphere of influence. Bliss Torn From Emptiness, in reality, is just one giant song as you’ll probably surmise from the track names so you should try your best to take it all in at once in order to fully indulge in the doomed grandeur. Check out the Bandcamp player below to listen to Bliss Torn From Emptiness and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

From its humble beginnings as a limited CDR, it was expanded for full CD release a few years back. It is now issued on double vinyl with Side Four taken up with a previously unreleased live version of "Memory Leak" .

This double LP is limited to just 500 copies and is pressed in 180gm heavy splatter colour vinyl.

LP one is white with black splatter, LP two, black with white. The stunning package is finished off in a luxurious matt laminated gatefold sleeve.

Price $33.4

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